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Zoee8‘s new single, “Stomp,” is a celebration – Of life. It is of a new commitment to his purpose in life and being given a chance to fulfill that purpose. It is also a middle finger to the doubters, shade throwers, and those that tried to kill him.

Recently left for dead after a shooting incident, Zoee8 is determined to both prove them wrong and make good use of the second chance he was given.

“I came up with the song Stomp because I didn’t die. Now, I see what I’m meant to be, and I’m gonna stomp on all the haters. ” He explains.

That’s not to say, though, that Zoee8’s newfound purpose is all founded in revenge. He is a hero to the kids in his 8th Ward neighborhood – routinely arranging clothing giveaways, events to help the homeless, or being that guy the kids hit up for allowance money.

“Stomp” is a testament to Zoee8’s resilience. To his refusal to lay down no matter what. The song is being released by UVF ENT/Bang Bang Music Group.

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