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Comatose Red Ivy - "Joker is Out" (Shooter Unmasked Freestyle)

Started in entertainment October 16 2020. I was poisoned left to die that night by my ex not boyfriend but too bad too sad for them I woke up dead now I am dead living, a girl that suddenly and magically wanted a microphone had never ever sang or thought about ever being on a microphone before. Doctors call it Prodigious Savant and my case is severe “miracle”; to me a curse since I never planned on being a rapper or singer, just seems lame to me. I have been a writer for 25 years I wrote rhymes and third sensory writing and all kinds of stories, poems and other writings before projecting as a rapper and singer. I am also a voice actor and I’m really good at throwing my voice, surely if anyone listens to my music you could tell because all of the voices are mine, every track it's own being each a child of mine, a magical enitity of its own existence.

no you didn't you never did, never could, why are you acting like you did. --MY EX-NOT BOYFRIEND AKA MY MURDERER NEVER CARED ABOUT ME, JUST GOT INVOLVED WITH ME TO RUUZ ME INTO LOVE TO SET ME UP FOR MURDER.

You know what you did, you know what you do--HES IN TOTAL DENIAL OF HIS ACTIONS, HAS MURDERED A GIRL, SET HIS BROTHER UP TO BE SHOT AND POISONED ME, that's when I woke up a rapper. I was poisoned October 16 ,woke up October 17 wanting a microphone, October 30, I uploaded my first song and been going and going since. A ghost named Comatose taught me how to rap, thats where I got my first name in my stage name "Comatose". Comatose was a silhouette shadow boy I brought back from Ivy's Cyanide Dream, AKA my dream a parallel Dream where time and speed can't be measured. I brought back everyone and they showed me how to protect myself, love myself and be a superstar.

I'm also Star Lover, I've been hiding crimes he has done against me and others because I don't want him to go to jail, even if it cost me my life at least I won't be here without him is how I see it. He's poisoned me since but not as severe, I got use to living with a poisonous snake so it's hard to kill me with poison.

He keeps trying to leave me but I have his life in my hands and will drop all the evidence if he goes, he has my life too, we are screwed for sure, one of us will be dead before long, I think it'll be me but don't even care.

So yeah music, I sing all my songs from heart to mic, don't write songs, have over 1600 songs skip around genres, I'm genre bendre and gebder bender transgender red headed bytch.






IG: https://www.instagram.com/comatose_red_ivy/

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