Yvng Leaf, Young and Destined for Success!

Yvng Leaf is a 15 year old rapper from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. His debut E.P., Afterlife, is about him finding myself and digging deep inside himself to find out who he is. It's about turning his pain into greatness and destroying his past self  and the beginning a new life. Each song has the same influence, however each song was also created to have its own unique sound, style, and flow. At the same time, every song he creates is supposed to make the listener FEEL amazing, and his goal is to spread positive vibes and help people with mental and physical problems throughout the world. 

He has been creating music for as long as he can remember. When he was a kid he experimented with drums and guitar. Since about the age of 8 he has been freestyling with his older brother and his friends. He never thought it would turn into a serious career back then, but he has been blessed with the right circumstances and people in his life to help him succeed. At the age of 15, he changed his identity to Yvng Leaf, found his first high-quality studio, met one of the greatest producers in Philadelphia, (TTP) and created his first project, Afterlife. 

Afterlife is just the start to his career. He wants to set a name for himself and get his music out there. There will be much more music and many more projects to come. 

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