Swang Hard Releases "Down" Ft. Worthy, ChicoCash & Green (Prod. by) Camgothits

The Swang Hard label has released its latest single “Down” featuring Worthy, ChicoCash, and Green.

Started in 2012 by Big Body, Mike Green and Ruben Dominguez, Swang Hard has since become one of leading hip-hop labels in southern Texas. The foundation of the label is based on hard work, loyalty, and respect. With songs from Texas legends such as Lil Keke and Lil Flip, people have taken notice.

Following the incarceration of one of the founding members, Big Body, many thought the label would shut its doors. However, with sheer determination, they have developed into the machine they are today. While still having original members such as Mike Green, Django Guzman and Big Body, they have have added immense talent such as Joe Phats, Chico Cash, CA$H Tha Kid, Skrypture, P3 and Worthy.

This new single “Down” is sure to be a great addition to your playlist.

Website: Swanghard.com

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Comment by Phillip Archer on July 21, 2018 at 3:15pm

Niiiiicccccceeee Launch Parties are the Best in NYC!!!!!!

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