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Usually when you hear a single in the music industry, there are anywhere from three to four (and more) people who have worked on it whether it be with features, production, writing, engineering etc. For Rèmi Fréyo, having all of these extra people on board was never an option. Rèmi was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Silver Spring, MD. He began recording when he was nine years old starting off with just a headset microphone and Audacity. The passion did not just stop at recording himself, it willed him into becoming his own producer, engineer, writer, and marketer. Rèmi has recently released his new song, “10,000 Hours”, which surpassed 20,000 streams in its first week on Spotify alone. This song did not have three to four people working on it, in fact, it was solely him. He wrote, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered the song himself. This is almost impossible to find in the industry nowadays. The cover art was designed by his cousin, Bruce (@Brucee_p) and the music video was shot and edited by Donjo Productions (@_donjoo). Gearing up for the new year, Rèmi has his debut album slated to release during 2021. Check out the music video for “10,000 Hours” below.

Stream and Download “10,000 Hours” here: https://song.link/remif-10khours






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