The Label, SONY HULK, Started in May 2018, By Jose Jackson, Goes By The Well Recognized Name "Bruce Banners"

Distribution Covered Under Sony© Music

We are looking for new and undiscovered talent. The type of artists who are looking to take their career to the next level with hard work and dedication. Whether you are looking for management which is provided thru RHE or a label, Sony Hulk Ent. we provide both services.... Now Partnered with Sony for distribution we are now a major force, that will be heard from. Be part of Sony Hulk today !

The label has work with rap stars such as Gillie Da Kid, Eness from P Diddy Badboy, Frenchie from Brick squad monopoly and currently working with 98 degrees


Having 2 Banger Songs Reaching The Top Of Urban Hits Charts Out Of Chicago

1 ) Telli Stonemen- "Go Hard" Reaching The #6th Spot

2 ) Religion Da God- "Keep It 100" Reaching #8th Spot 

Send your demo today to Sony Hulk here:

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