He's Ice Cold Flow - Let get to know Johnny!

Johnny is an expert chronicle craftsman and maker that was conceived in Kissimmee Florida. He's begun music as a leisure activity and just developed to cherish the craft of creation. Furthermore, truly, he has worked superbly making. Johnny melody "Super cold Flow" can be found off his collection crush the sound system to pieces.

The melodic stream is over the top. Truly, he is an MC/Rapper that streams over an R&B beat that is uncommon and required with all the device and hip-jump that individuals don't comprehend nowadays. His stream will alone one fall back in their vehicle and simply shake to the beat. Johnny's stream would give you a chance to trust he's from the Bronx, NY. In the tune, it says "don't surrender and don't give in, yes no doubt about it". You simply need to shake and the tune is appealing.

Johnny's voice helped to remember when the eyes get the film "Darker Sugar" and the comprehension of genuine music where "Mos Def" verses were with significance and not a contrivance. Despite the fact that he's from Orlando Florida Johnny will get incredibly far with his sweet beat and "super cold stream" he's exceptionally glad for the 407. He's has achieved having near a large portion of a million audience members on the music stage Pandora.

You can tune in to Johnny's music by going to https://www.pandora.com/station/play/3882417477222603762. Tuning in to Johnny you will hear in his music that he really has an adoration for Hip-jump. Tune in to the tune beneath or visit his social and music stages.

Social/Media Platforms:

Twitter: (@bugs_johnny): https://twitter.com/bugs_johnny?s=09

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/collection/5idJpzjyITiuDGPPLi1KtB

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