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The Enterprise G.R.E

Tulsa, Oklahoma — The enterprise, a six man, hip-hop group out of Tulsa, Oklahoma that will take the music scene by storm.The enterprise artist comprised of Clark Calhoun, TGslime, Neko nice, T will, Rippalanski, and D Dub a go-getter.

GRE is the initials for the Enterprise group and you can catch them on the all access Cannabis tour March 25 in Santa Ana, California and April 15 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Check out GRE…


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Mariee Murphy – If It Weren’t For Grace

Plano, TX — ‘If it weren’t for Grace’ by Mariee Murphy is a powerful and uplifting song that speaks to the transformative power of God’s grace. The song starts with Mariee reflecting on her own life, acknowledging that she was once a ‘foolish girl’ plagued by insecurities and a constant need to please others. However, with the arrival of God’s grace, Mariee was able to overcome her weaknesses and find a new heart and a new start.

The chorus of the…


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In Her Words, inspired by broken relationship Her words should be heard and so should his.

canton, ohio — She said it so many times. She just wanted respect in the relationship. He feels as if he his emotions were being played with. So many disagreements led to their demise as a couple going their separate ways. Telling each other how they feel with a farewell.

In Her Words as a female in society they are portrayed to be submissive. Men are portrayed to become the bread winner. Women and men all around the world have their…


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A Soul-Stirring and Powerful Tribute in Remembrance of an Icon- John Arthur Foster Unveils New Single ‘For Eileen’

Completed 48 years later, ‘For Eileen’ marks John Arthur Foster’s beautiful efforts, immortalizing Eileen LaGrange as someone who is to be remembered and loved

Allentown, PA — A poetic, soulful, and moving picture of life painted through classical Pop, John Arthur Foster inspires with his new single, “For Eileen.” Having been…


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Soulful And Electrifying Christian Hip-hop Music That Enlivens The Audience: Heavenli Soul Music Group Releases A Hit New Album For Listeners Everywhere.

‘Different Sounds Of Praise’ is a beautiful amalgamation of gratitude, love, and hope for all those struggling souls that wish to use music as a means of escape

Newark, New Jersey —March 9th, 2023- Heavenli Soul Music Group is Kiyamma Griffin’s labor of love, a musical collective that produces exciting and new music for audiences all over. The singer believes in the power of music in making…


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Presenting a Refreshing and Bold New Wave of Hip Hop- SHEED Captures All with Striking New Single “SUNSHINE”

Enveloping audiences with compelling and soulful instrumentation, SHEED’s newest drop is one which stands out in every shape and form

SARASOTA, FLORIDA — Catapulting to fame with his splendid musical tracks, SHEED is sure to become the next big thing in the world of Rap and Hip Hop. The eclectic artist blends captivating stories with his infectious rhythms, memorable arrangements, and verses that are sure to stay with the listener…


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A Celebration of Life and Love through Powerful Music – Robert E Jones Presents ‘The Hills of Arkansas’

Robert\’s sublime and soul-stirring music is a testament to the power of music to connect people, celebrate life, and inspire all

Fort Smith, AR —March 18th, 2023 – Gracing March with a soulful and authentic musical experience, Robert E Jones’ mesmerizes with his stirring new record. Creatively titled ‘The Hills of Arkansas,’ the new album is one which…


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John Lee\’s \’Journey You\’re Taking\’ Breaks Records in American Roots and Bluegrass Genre

With Over 600K Streams in First 90 Days, John Lee\’s Soulful Record Enchants Fans and Industry Giants Alike

Birmingham, AL —March 18th, 2023 – A heartfelt spin on American Roots and Bluegrass, John Lee’s soulful new record is one which is paving the way towards the artist’s success. Titled, ‘Journey You’re Taking,’ the…


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Minnesota Rising Artist Bruh Rahdrk Shares His Story Behind The Music:

St Paul, MNSacrifice Muzik Leader and Founder expresses his story and when to expect his first album release. Let this be the year the voices of the ‘Cry’ be heard through ministry and music!

The youth are going through a crisis and the community resources and churches are failing them. It would take a village of leaders who are transparent and willing to be their voices and ears. Sacrifice Muzik mission is to…


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Experience the Electrifying Realm of the London Underworld- Gary Driscoll Unveils Stunning Tribute “Brown Bread Fred”

With new single, “Brown Bread Fred,” celebrated crooner Gary Driscoll pays homage to the infamous Freddie Foreman

London, Greater London, United Kingdom —March 17th, 2023 – Renowned as the Crooner of Crime, Gary Driscoll only recently released a new single that pays tribute to one of the most notorious gangsters in British history- Freddie Foreman. Titled “Brown Bread Fred,”…


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Authentic And Articulate Rock Music That Allures Audiences From All Over: Bank Ripsy Releases Relatable Music.

This collection of music is known for touching the hearts and minds of individuals through a mix of electrifying tunes and deep lyrics.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — 27th February 2023- Bank Ripsy is a hit new up-and-coming artist who produces a mix of brilliantly catchy music that speaks volumes. The singer understands the role of music in connecting with people from a wide array of regions. This music helps bring a fresh wave of new…


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Shawn Michael Perry’s New Album “Brave” Takes a Bold New Step in the World of Rock

Embrace the magic of Shawn Michael Perry\’s “Brave,” as he opens a world of possibilities through a one-of-a-kind style and immersive rhythms

SEDONA, AZ —March 17th, 2023 – A highly anticipated new release by Rock sensation Shawn Michael, “Brave” is a thoroughly riveting and admirable work. A true musical genius, Perry’s impeccable song writing and captivating voice have earned him multiple accolades and forged his name…


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New upcoming Artist Bank Ripsy Releases First Album

Toronto, Ontario, CanadaCanadian rock n roll artist Bank Ripsy finally revealed his talent releasing an album

right at the beginning of 2023 that will resonate your eardrums with a heavenly music

listening experience. Sweet voice complimented with catchy melodies and percussive

arrangements, you are bound to fall in love with Bank Ripsy’s songs.…


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Taking the World of Afro-Soul and R&B by Storm- Mr. Dutch Electrifies with New Drop “Zambo”

On the crossroads of striking Afro, Hip Hop, Soul, and R&B Fusions, Mr. Dutch’s exciting new track “Zambo” is sure to be thoroughly gripping

Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria —March 15th, 2023 – A stunning Nigerian artist who is generating all the buzz, Mr. Dutch marks his resurgent return with a powerful new single titled “Zambo.” Blending Afro, Hip Hop, and R&B sounds to create an irresistible track that promises to be a…


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New Music Artist Robert Clementino Is On The Rise With His Music As An R&B Singer/Songwriter, But Also Building A Brand As An Entrepreneur For Himself Thru His Clothing Line CLEMENTINO

This consortium of music is known for helping the audience escape from their current turmoil in a bid to immerse themselves in profound and passionate songs.

Miami, FL — Robert Clementino is a brilliant new up-and-coming musician who composes soulful music that enlivens the spirit. This consortium of music is known for carrying within it a great emotional depth that connects…


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A Disruptive, Hardcore and Provocative Force in Hip Hop – DAMIUS Unveils New Work ‘119’

Embodying his iconic Dark Rap and gothic Hip Hop appeal, DAMIUS continues to enthrall audiences, with a soundscape that’s both intense and vulnerable.

San Antonio, TX —March 11th, 2023 – Arguably the artist’s boldest and most passionate drop yet, ‘119’ is a provocative, stunning, and gripping record. The striking album is one which is rooted within Dark Rap and pays testament to an artist who has rapidly gained a dedicated…


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Experience the Depth and Magic of Multi-Faceted Brands of Electronic – Pierre Khazen Electrifies with New Singles

Through his unique sound and heartfelt lyrics, Pierre Khazen is making waves in the music industry and captivating audiences with each refreshing record

Haifa, Haifa, Israel — A riveting presence in electronic music, Pierre Khazen remains an unparalleled and skilled singer-songwriter. The stunning artist crafts bold and dynamic compositions that truly depict the diverse flavors of multi-faceted musical genres.

Listeners of…


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Reinventing Pop, Rock, and Electronic with Inventive Fusions- Timeless Artist Pop Daddy Unveils New EP “Minstrel”

With a style that transcends all boundaries, Pop Daddy brings with his music an ever-evolving creative spirit and a distinct, experimental energy

Vienna, Vienna, Austria — Armed with a dynamic range that allows him to deeply connect with diverse audiences, singer-songwriter Pop Daddy, also known as ViennaCC, presents his new record, ‘Minstrel – EP’. The compelling EP is a depiction of the ways Pop Daddy’s craft transcends age and…


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Hip Hop Music from an Introspective and Moving Lens – Dynamic Duo Double Impact Inspire with New Drop “You Don’t Know”

Reminiscent of authentic Southern Hip Hop, Double Impact enlighten audiences with their bold and characteristic new release- “You Don’t Know”

Winter Haven, Fl — Hip Hop’s formidable pair, Double Impact is all set to achieve glory together with their powerful and resonating musical craft. Hailing from Birmingham, the dynamic duo composes of two first cousins- Dilla and Fye who are armed with the goal to share their synergistic…


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An Unrivalled and Unparalleled Rap Genius- Presenting the Force of the One and Only ‘Doja’

An artistic genius and ‘The Music Messiah’- Doja is taking the music world by storm with his resonant musical vision and distinctive sound

Atlanta, GA — Amassing hundreds of thousands of streams with his distinctive Rap verses and inimitable flow, Doja remains unparalleled. The Only 1- Doja is driven to rule hearts and minds with a stellar collection of singles that are set to take any listener’s breath away.

From fiercely…


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